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Hopping Down the Bunny Trail....

...with Travis, Bill, and Celine. It was a beautiful March day with the temperature in the mid 30s. All the better after a hard winter in Newaygo.

Travis, Bill, and Celine were given the mission of thinning some of Grandma Woltanski’s (Bill’s mother-in-law) rabbit herd at her farm before they could lay waste to another summer garden. The only thing lacking was a little snow to aid in tracking. But, no matter, we had Bruce’s two trusty beagles, Abby and Rugby.

During the first ninety minutes the beagles had a tough time tracking and we barely heard a sound from them. As the afternoon progressed, Abby and Rugby began locating scent trails and could be heard singing in the distance, though it seemed these were theoretical bunnies.

It wasn’t until we got closer to the farmhouse that the action began to unfold. The group flushed a rabbit which


Bill calmly reviewed. We tracked it to a group of large arborvitae bushes (large awful bushes with pickers), where the beagles eventually flushed one toward the barn. As bunnies often do, this one made a large circle and moved back to home base. When it reemerged, Bill successfully defended himself. Afterward, during a more thorough investigation of the bushes, a second rabbit flushed, successfully eluding both Bill and Celine until Bill took a Hail Mary shot as the rabbit neared the barn. Later, as Travis followed the beagle-hopping beagles across the field hoping for some action, Celine craftily reposed in a small overgrown orchard. A tricky rabbit snuck out of a nearby brush pile and the huntress was able to provide dinner for her young’uns. All told, we ended up with three good-sized rabbits for the stewpot. Though Travis exercised his ammunition conservation policy, he did manage to get some nice photographs. Not bad for a couple hours’ work. Please stop by again for more updates on our hunts.


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