I have consulted with Dr. Barkalow on several occasions regarding medical device issues for medical device manufacturers I represented in litigation. I have always found Dr. Barkalow to be extremely knowledgeable and informative, yet capable of explaining technical medical device issues in a fashion understood by layman. In each case where I have consulted with Dr. Barkalow, with his assistance, we have either been able to settle the matter on terms very favorable to us or prevail entirely through summary judgment. I would highly recommend Dr. Barkalow to anyone in need of his expertise



Forensic Investigations

We periodically attend annual professional organization meetings to exchange information with members regarding advances in our field. Our recent presentations at some of these meetings can be downloaded below.

William P. Hamilton, CMI wilhamilton@mac.com  
The Pathologist’s Role in Preserving Implanted Cardiac Pacemakers and Defibrillators or How
Not to Get Shocked!
Biomedical Engineering
in Root Cause Analysis Example: Assessing
Infant Apnea-Related
An Interdisciplinary
Forensic Approach to
Solving Medical Device


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