Dr. Barkalow evaluated detailed photographs of a Guidant defibrillator for our firm to analyze the probable failure mode. He then provided to us a thorough and detailed report that effectively made our case for us.

B. H. Barkalow & Associates, LLC

65 W. State Rd., Suite C
Newaygo, MI 49337-8129
P: 231.652.2228
F: 231.652.2299

The biomedical engineering consulting firm of B. H. Barkalow & Associates, LLC (BHBA) has been established as an expansion and outgrowth of B. H. Barkalow, PC (BHBPC) to provide consulting and support services in areas of medical technology, software, and devices as regulated by the FDA. The former company, BHBPC, has been in business in Michigan since May, 1986. The principals of the newly-formed BHBA are Mr. William E. Grant, Mr. Travis J. Barkalow and Dr. Bruce H. Barkalow, who have been working together successfully as the employees of BHBPC over the last seven years providing services to a range of clients from healthcare organizations, other consulting firms, the FDA, insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, and law firms throughout the country. These same services and a new service in forensic investigations in support of medical examiner systems and law enforcement agencies are now provided by BHBA for existing clients and new clients. The main difference for BHBA as opposed to BHBPC is the expanded use of expert associates in the field of biomedical engineering. Dr. Barkalow shall remain involved with BHBA for overall management, case evaluation and assignment to associates. Current associates of BHBA have summary resumes in the Associate Staff section.

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